• Speaking

    Few people move audiences like Carin Rockind. With her contagious positive energy, she encourages thousands of people to be their best, happiest, most authentic selves. She embodies purposeful living!

  • Coaching

    A naturally born cheerleader and every woman’s advocate! Carin is an inspiring and caring coach who helps clients achieve their dreams and love life. Her philosophy is simple: we each have a unique purpose on earth and we’d be happier if we were living it.

  • Teamwork

    The ultimate facilitator in building positive, productive teams! Employees love a day of fun – and even more important, they want to feel that their voices are heard, their strengths are needed and their work is important. Give them both!

  • Women's Wellness

    Research studies prove that women are twice as depressed as men. In her work, Carin sees many women still carrying teenage insecurities into the boardroom and bedroom. Carin wants women to regain confidence and thrive.

Some of my work

  • How to be Happy

    How to be Happy

    See Carin in a TV interview she did with Charlotte Today!

  • Transform Your Life

    Transform Your Life

    Read Carin’s best selling book and discover how to change your life for good.

  • Uncover Your Purpose

    Uncover Your Purpose

    Carin helps people define their lives. She developed a scientifically-based process to uncover your purpose and flourish!

  • Love Your Beautiful Self

    Love Your Beautiful Self

    Through her speeches, workshops and coaching, Carin provides simple tips to fall in love with life (and yourself!)