Be who you were born to be.
Do what you were born to do.

You are a rebel, a change agent, a priestess desiring a life of purpose, joy, fulfillment and to feel on fire.

You are the one you have been waiting for.

The live program is now closed but Goddess on Purpose DIY is available. This is a self-study program where you receive the same modules and resources as the live version but no coaching.

Yes, I want Goddess on Purpose DIY

You know you are here to leave a legacy, a mark on the world. But you feel stuck... lost, even.

You're trapped in fear and self-doubt.

You feel guilty, wrong, or stupid for wanting more.

You have been craving, meaning, joy, or purpose.

You want to leave a legacy and set the world on fire.
You yearn to feel RADIANT, BEAUTIFUL, ALIVE, FULFILLED, EMPOWERED, and FREE! And you want to wake up feeling like what you do makes a difference.

You don't know how or where to start.

It’s easy to let life be an excuse for fear or self-doubt. You find yourself so caught up in the busy-ness of the day to day and not do for yourself. You may feel you have lost yourself and forget who you are underneath. You worry what "they" will think so you continue with the status quo and continue to do what you “should” do instead of what you DESIRE to do. Or you feel like your dreams, your self love, your purpose are indulgent.

You feel that you should be grateful because you have a good life.

Maybe you have the house, the career or business, the relationship, or the family you have always dreamed of and of course you are grateful, but you can't help but ask, "what's missing?"



The live program is now closed but you can purchase the self-study version, which includes all of the modules and resources as the live version but without the coaching and sisterhood.

This is THE course that will change EVERYTHING!! You will feel alive, on purpose, inspired, and have a community of sisters cheering you on.


What is Goddess on Purpose?

This is THE course - THE coaching group - THE revolutionary catalyst, for you to finally become the bold woman you were born to be, and to finally do the damn thing you were born to do. In this program, we will break free, crack open and release all of your old limitations and stories about purpose and then you will rise up so that you feel powerful and so that you can allow your dreams and desires in. Then you will be able to set the world on fire.

All within Sisterhood.

Using proprietary proven exercises and tools.

With the best Purpose Priestess on the planet.

This process will change your life.

And increase your ability to earn your course investment back, because, with purpose, you have confidence. You are bold. You ask for what we want. You go for it completely.

**Note: Goddess on Purpose Live is now closed. Registration opens once a year. However, the Goddess on Purpose DIY program is always open. This is a self-study program with all of the same modules and resources as the live version except doesn't include any coaching or sisterhood.

I'm Ready! I Want Goddess on Purpose DIY

Your Time is NOW!

We start upleveling your life and the world on April 18!


11 weeks of weekly virtual teaching and group coaching to embody feminine purpose power, awaken your aliveness, free your spirit, attune to your deep inner knowing, claim your power, overcome old limiting BS stories, as well as 8 motivational video modules and a challenge for the week to activate your purpose and learnings and keep your momentum.


A loving, supportive Sisterhood empowering and cheerleading you that will give you Sisters for life all within a private Facebook Group for Goddess on Purpose members only! In the group, you’ll get journal prompts, Sisterhood support when you're scared, my personal response and coaching to inquiries, pleasure and dance parties to lift you up, and joy, celebration, and cheerleading to move you forward!


Bonus classes in Sex Magic, Mindset Makeover, and Divine Feminine Priestess Training!!

PurposePacks (workbooks) with exclusive Goddess on Purpose exercises that I’ve designed for you to discover your full purpose, embody power, deepen desires, clarify your purpose, design your destiny, shed the limitations of fear, shame and guilt, rewrite your old stories, and take bold action.

See what past participants have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Deahna is fully going for her dreams.

"Having you and the women from our Goddess on Purpose class has been.... INCREDIBLE! The sisterhood and the coaching is phenomenal, Carin! More than I thought it would be. Worth every penny! Thank you! I am feeling like my soul is in ascension mode... This is all so meant to be. ALL OF IT. I wish I could express how much you mean to me and what a HUGE role you are playing in my life right now. I’m now going for my dream of being a Holistic Health Coach fully!"


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Alison found the sisterhood she was seeking.

"Yayyyyy!!!!! I'm so happy to hear that this course is coming back. It's out of this world! I loved it so much! This group course came at the perfect time when I was hungry for feminine companionship and in transition to a new career. I love all the women from our group so much!!! What a blessing to be part of this community!! It's one of those type courses where you just could go back over and over."


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Jennifer discovered who she is and why she is here.

"Joining Carin's Goddess on Purpose program helped me go deep into who I am and why I'm uniquely qualified to live out my purpose and dreams! The content was authentic, the momentum to go after what I want strong. Thank you Carin and team for the support, strength, and inspiration!"


Don't know what your purpose is?

Already know your purpose and want to go live it?

Either way, Goddess on Purpose is for you.

The Goddess on Purpose Method

No more "Good Girl" - instead you're a PurposeGirl... a Woman who is whole, who loves her light and values her shadows, is authentic, unapologetic, bold, wild, and sacred. She does "good" in the world while doing "well" in her life, and receives amazing contribution for her contribution. I'm the world's leader in women's purpose, and have developed a proprietary method that has led hundreds of women to live their mission and love their life.
Here's how the method breaks down, module by module:


Your Desires and Vision

Awaken Pleasure, Purpose and Power to embody the 3 Pillars of a Fulfilled Woman. Clarify your deepest desires, create the full vision for your life, define your path forward, and design your Goddess on Purpose expression to have direction as you move forward in class.


Your Inspiration

You are inspiring. Even if you don't know it, you are born to inspire others through your way of living, through your actions, through your purpose. Activation begins with owning how inspiring you are and being the inspiration now. This module goes deep into what inspires you and what that means for how you desire to inspire others and how you already do so.


Your SuperPowers

Every woman is a SuperShero who has unique genius that is needed to heal this crazy world. Pinpoint your unique SuperPowers through customized exercises, reclaim hidden gifts that the world may have squashed, claim your own SuperShero truth, and learn how to aim your SuperPowers toward making a difference in the world.


Your Joy and Sensuality

Pleasure is a major key to feminine purpose power because when we have fun, we light up the world. Plus, when we do Purpose without Pleasure, we burn out. As women, we were born for Pleasure so learn how to let it fuel your purpose so its filled with joy and ease. This week, light up your joy, pleasure, and self-love. You'll discover your passions, expand your sensuality, embody the feminine and elevate to light up your life and this world!


Your Wisdom

Every moment of your life has given you wisdom others need. Learn how to turn your traumas into triumph and pain into purpose by learning and applying Post-Traumatic Growth and rewriting your life’s story into a powerful SuperShero Goddess on Purpose story that impacts others!


Your Voice

Learn where you’ve given away your power and reclaim it so that you fully express yourself personally and with your purpose. Get clear on your unique message to share with the world and begin SPEAKING it!


Your Purpose

Understand Purpose Myths that lead to anxiety, self-doubt and stuckness, then move past them to clarify your unique Purpose. Use my proprietary method to own your uniqueness and define your PurposeGirl Purpose Statement.


Your Courage

Hone and amplify your innate courage to live your Purpose now! Learn specific positive psychology and cognitive behavioral tools to move past any fear, doubt, obstacle or perceived hurdle that may get in the way of moving forward. Identify what you need to move forward, create your plan and take powerful action that ensures you live on purpose now!

And the Magic Sauce of the Method?

The Sisterhood that will cheerlead you, support you, and hold you in your glory. I create the best, safest Sisterhoods on the planet so that you thrive.

Goddess on Purpose Live is now closed. However, Goddess on Purpose DIY is always open for purchase. You will receive the same tools, lessons, and modules but there is no coaching or sisterhood included.

Yes, I want the DIY version!

Hi, I'm Carin, your Purpose Priestess

My clients call me The Women's Whisperer because I get right to the soul of a woman, I see her Purpose often before she does, and I ignite her fire to do the damn thing. I've led thousands of women love themselves fully, to uncover their purpose, and to fully step into their power. I'm the cheerleader of cheerleaders, the wayshower of living a glorious, extraordinary, and beautiful life that inspires the world.

I’m on a mission to ensure that every woman finally says YES to herself and her dreams because when we do, the ripple effect will change this world. My clients sign up for every program I offer. Women take my classes two and three times because they want more and more. And I want every woman to have all that she yearns for.

Still Unsure?

Here's What You'll Walk Away With

  • Powerful steps forward in purpose and toward your dreams
  • Confidence to earn more - to ask for the raise, charge for your purpose work
  • Be crystal clear on your desires, vision, and mission in life 
  • Know what makes you uniquely phenomenal and capable - your SuperPowers, talents and genius!
  • Be clear about your passions and what would make you excited to get out of bed each day!
  • Learn the 3 aspects of being a fulfilled woman and be able to create them ANY time in your life
  • Undergo a process to ensure you live without regrets
  • Flip any trauma you've had into triumph and be able to define the specific wisdom you have inside of you that others need
  • Have a clear PurposeGirl purpose statement that you can share with others and use to get a new job, promoted, or start a business
  • Know how to move past blocks, fears, old stories and negativity so you can always move forward
  • Create a plan to move forward in a way that brings you pleasure, purpose and power
  • Be more confident in bringing your purpose to the world
  • Have a roadmap to create a life of JOY, FULFILLMENT, and PURPOSE!

See what past participants have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Goldie reclaimed her childhood dreams...

"I am thankful to Carin Rockind. Without Goddess on Purpose, I could have never reclaimed my childhood dreams. And it's just the very beginning. More to come! I can see and hear “me” growing into my POWERS, more than ever before! Carin, I am so blessed to have you in my life."


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Eve became more in tune with herself and her purpose...

"I’ve become even more in tune with myself and the clarity of my purpose has been bubbling up like crazy!!! I love how Carin encouraged me to celebrate myself in small and big ways! I have valued Goddess on Purpose very much.

Thank you so much Carin!"


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Colleen found the courage to use her voice and speak up for things that matter...

"You and Goddess on Purpose helped me find the courage to use my voice and speak up for the things in this world that I feel strongly about. The series of topics including Vision, Inspiration, Super Powers, Voice, and Courage we’re incredibly powerful.  You and the program helped me access these deep parts of myself and find the answers I needed to move forward with confidence - at the most challenging and unsettling time in my life."


Your Investment for the Goddess on Purpose DIY program

A self-study program that provides you the same tools and resources as the live, but without the coaching sisterhood.

Only $997

Payment plans as low as $249.25/month are available... Because I want this to work for you!

Goddess on Purpose is for you if you are a woman who...

  • Knows you are here for more.
  • Yearns to wake up excited and love what you do and
    is ready to break free of fear and bravely move forward.
  • Won't settle for "just OK," "mundane," or "fine."
    Is courageous, has survived so much, and is ready to take brave action.
  • Will NOT live with the regret of never living your dreams.
  • Wants to feel beautiful, brilliant, and bold.
  • Is ready to make purpose a non-negotiable.
  • Will no longer let fear get in your way.
  • If this is you, and you realize that there is no more time to waste, then you're BORN for Goddess on Purpose! Join Us!

Goddess on Purpose Live is now closed. However, Goddess on Purpose DIY is always available for purchase. In this self-study program includes the same tools and modules as the live version without the coaching and sisterhood container.

I Want To Be A Goddess On Purpose!

See what past members have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Anna dove deep into her desires, passion, and purpose.

"You won't regret joining Goddess on Purpose. You are so needed and this course will help you dive deep into your desires, passions, and ultimately, your purpose!  Carin is amazing! She is such a positive light in this world. She inspires us by being her radiant, honest, funny, and kind self! She lifts you up and encourages you to dig deeper. She wants everyone to find their purpose and that is truly her purpose that she lives in such a beautiful and wise way that you want to be like her with others! I would highly recommend this course! You will learn so much about yourself and have an amazing coach!"


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Katherine joined when her life was at an all-time low and Carin & GoP were just what she needed.

"I found Carin Rockind at a moment in time that was such an all-time low; the pandemic and quarantine, the shuttering of our society, loss of life, grief upon grief, working and schooling from home, living with constant concern for my beautiful and chronically ill daughter. I call Carin coming into my life a grace that came from tragedy. During Goddess on Purpose, with home coursework and fierce mentorship centered on deepening our focus, uncovering our true purpose, and guiding us toward deeper self-care, to empower ourselves and be a force in this world, Carin created such a tremendous and life changing experience, I’m still amazed. This was a life altering and heart opening experience, during a time when just getting out of bed was at times a challenge. We can do anything, goddesses. Take on an investment in yourself. It feels amazing!"


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

April was afraid but did it anyway and found herself again.

"When I saw Goddess on Purpose with Carin I had to jump in. Of course I was afraid and almost did not make it on the first call because my anxiety. I pushed through and showed up. Mentally, I felt lost like I didn’t know who I was besides a working mom trying to keep my head above water. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I found was incredible. I found me again. I found the things that brought me joy again. I found things that excited me again. I found I could be a mom AND whatever else I wanted. Not either/or. I found a sisterhood of beautiful women! I found support and love and compassion. I can't say enough things about Goddess on Purpose. It truly forever changes my life and I am so happy I got to work with Carin."


I'm Ready to Do The Damn Thing! I want Goddess on Purpose DIY!


What days are the live calls and what if I can't make them?

Calls will be held from 5:00 - 6:30 pm ET on Mondays, from April 18 to June 27, 2022 (calls will be recorded in case you miss one). There will be no calls on May 9 and June 13. If you can't make the live calls, you will gain so much by watching the recordings plus you can ask questions in the Facebook community and Carin will respond to you.

What if I feel I can't afford this program?

We have payment plans as low as $444 a month because we want to make this as accessible as possible. And I promise that I will give you my full energy, my magic, and bring you the best tools I have to make sure you leave this program feeling so alive, so joyful, and so on purpose.

What makes this different from your Goddess on Purpose DIY?

In Goddess on Purpose Live, you get access to me live. I teach and coach weekly. PLUS you get a sisterhood like no other. Our previous grads have made lifelong friends and continue to support and cheer each other on.

What is the time commitment per week?

Aside from the 90-minute weekly call, there are short videos and PurposePacks that go out every week. Please plan for 2-3 hours a week but rest assured that your commitment for the 11 weeks will be worth it in the end.

My Journey to Purpose

Almost losing my life made me finally pursue my purpose. I had been the “good girl” who got perfect grades, married a “perfect” man, had a rising career, and lived in a “perfect” suburban house and even though everything looked exactly as I had always wanted it to, I cried almost every day. I felt so stuck, so afraid. But I divorced my husband at 26 and began my journey to figure out: If perfect didn’t make me happy, what would? The word "Purpose" kept coming to me. Haunting me.

But I had no idea what my purpose was or where to find it. I started volunteering with high school girls and other divorced women and felt so ALIVE. I knew: Women’s empowerment is my purpose. 

I had no idea how to turn that into a career. I was afraid to leave my lucrative job and felt unsure of myself. I began taking anti-depressants, begging my psychiatrist for more each month. Not following my purpose nearly killed me.

Until one day, a man robbed me at gunpoint. Laying on the ground, screaming and begging for my life, I realized I was going to die without ever pursuing my dream, so I made myself a promise: If I lived, I’d pursue my purpose no matter what. Just then, the man took my purse and ran. So I left my six figure "Vice President" job, moved across the country to become a poor grad student (I saved toast to save money!) and I got my Masters degree in Positive Psychology, the science of human flourishing, I became a coach and a motivational speaker for companies like Capital One, Progressive Insurance, BMW and Amazon. I created and got myself the gig as the "Happiness Guru" for SiriusXM's morning show. I host a leading women’s empowerment show, The PurposeGirl Podcast, that’s been ranked in the top 20 for self-help and mental health in 30+ countries worldwide, I'm a published author, a Burning Man diva, and in 2021, I created and hosted the world's largest event for International Women's Day called "The Women's Day Event". 

I say "YES" to every desire in my soul. I NEVER give up. And I won't give up on you. I overcome every obstacle in my way. My philosophy is simple: #DoTheDamnThing. That said, I just became a Mom at 45 to my sweet baby boy, after years of fertility struggle and never giving up on my dream!