You were born for EXTRAORDINARY JOY

The number one thing we want for a child is to be happy. And yet, we settle for so much less ourselves. You weren't born to be 'meh' or to play small. To pretend to "be fine" or to settle.

But what if we decided NO MORE? What if you claimed JOY as your birthright?

What if you were the biggest, boldest, most grounded, most fulfilled, and happiest version of you?

The one who dances full out – no matter who’s in the room?
The one who pursues her dream and inspires others?

The one who walks into holiday dinner with her head held high and shoulders back?
The Wise Wild Woman inside who CRAVES being seen, being heard, and OUT ENJOYING LIFE?

You were born to be fully ALIVE!

She's in you. The Wise, Wild WOMAN Roaring to be set FREE.

We've been trained to think we have to be perfect.

We compare ourselves to others and always come up short.

You tell yourself you're not good enough.

You're too much.

You hide parts of yourself because you think they're unlovable. You put on a mask of being "ok" and "fine" when inside you're screaming, crying and dying a slow death yearning to be seen. You end up "depressed", or just stuck and lost.

As one of the world's leading experts in the science of Women's Happiness, I can tell you this: Under all the things keeping women from our happiness is the belief that we have to squash or hide parts of ourselves to be loved.

Like, you can't be a badass leader and have emotions? You can't be lovable and be needy? You can't be a mom and be sexual, sensual and wild, running naked into the ocean, wearing lingerie, or howling at the moon?!

You can. Happiness is your birthright.

Join the Women's Happiness Masterclass to claim yours!
October 18, 2022 10 am ET*
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How? There's a science to it.

It's called Positive Psychology, and I've dedicated my life to studying and teaching it - specifically for women.

Hi, I'm Carin Rockind - but you can call me Carina. I've taught the science of Women’s Happiness on the largest stages in the world - from being the keynote speaker at Amazon's International Women's Day to the New Jersey Conference for Women, as the proclaimed "Happiness Guru" on Sirius XM's Wake Up with Taylor, and taught at the University of Pennsylvania. After being robbed at gunpoint in 2008, I realized life was short and decided to follow my biggest dream: Empowering women to love themselves, live their purpose and be HAPPY. At 36 years old, I left my 6 figure job as a Vice President of Marketing to go back to graduate school and get my Masters degree in Positive Psychology, the science of happiness and human flourishing. Since then, I've worked with tens of thousands of women, hosting the popular show "The PurposeGirl Podcast," which has been ranked top 20 in self help/mental health in 30 countries, plus, I've lead The Women's Day Event, the world's largest event for International Women's Day for two years in a row, and in 2018, I created "Women's Happiness Day," the only holiday to help eradicate the women's depression epidemic, for which my team and I have now helped lead more than 200 events in 30 countries. I specialize in turning pain into purpose and feeling powerful in our wholeness. I've survived - and thrived after armed robbery, miscarriages, divorce, physical abuse, and more.

I'm now bringing the science - and the tools to YOU in this free MasterClass. Join live at 10 am ET or get the recording by registering below!

I want to learn with you!

About HAPPINESS: The Masterclass.

Yes, women's happiness is different.

A free woman is a happy woman. For lifetimes, women have been bound by made-up rules that told us whether we are marry-able, love-able, hire-able, likeable. The patriarchy sold us a brand of “Happiness” that just makes us miserable including...

*Get the husband... and you'll be happy.
*Live in a beautiful house... and you'll be happy.
*Look “good” (ie: be skinny, don’t age)... and you'll be happy.

Don't need help or support, or you're "needy." Be a dutiful wife and mom, sacrificing it all for others, don’t get angry, don’t cry, don’t feel, don’t show that you have emotions, and more. Put simply, they told us that if we “make” others happy, then we’ll be happy. Please them, and we’ll feel pleasure.

So we die a slow death, trapped inside of everyone else’s expectations. Then we numb out on chardonnay and Netflix. Shopping and Botox. More anti-depressants. Maybe – just maybe THIS will make me happy.


Then women wonder why they feel so stuck?! Put simply, we’ve lost our JOY.


This June Cleaver brand of happiness just does not work for the modern woman. Women today are less happy than women were 40 years ago! We have more opportunity, more wealth, and more misery. Why? Perfectionism, pleasing, self-doubt, body shame, hiding, numbing emotions, overwhelm, burn out, playing small – and more.

This has to end.
We deserve for this to end. You KNOW you were born for MORE than this.

But you’ve been to therapy, you’ve talked about change, you say you’re gonna go for it... but here we are.

You need a new model of happiness – a WOMAN model – and that’s where I, the Institute of WOMAN, and HAPPINESS: The MasterClass, come in.

In this once-in-a-lifetime MasterClass, I will share the proven reasons why women are more prone to depression...AND how to resolve them all.

*What holds women back the most

*What to do about Fear, Doubt, Shame, Perfectionism, Playing Small, People Pleasing
*The #1 proven happiness hack for WOMAN
*My 3 favorite WOMAN HAPPINESS tools that I and clients use daily!

PLUS, this is taking place on October 18, Women's Happiness Day, the only holiday to help eradicate the Women's Depression Epidemic, so we will take time together, as a community, and hold space for women in Iran, India, the US and everywhere where women are not yet free. This will be a celebration and a promise to set all women free, and it will be POWERFUL.

About Women's Happiness Day

At 43, I had my second miscarriage. Truth be told, I didn't want to live anymore. So I used all of her tools: I called on Sisterhood and women gathered around me - from friends to clients to neighbors. I grieved, screamed, and got my anger out unapologetically. I went on a Retreat. I meditated. A LOT.
In meditation, I kept asking, "Show me."
"Show me what else I'm here to birth".
Then one day, I thought of women who were also suffering, depressed, or just feeling STUCK and alone. Women who put everyone else's needs before their own, women who kept going after losing loved ones, women who were burnt out, overwhelmed, lost, bored, tired, lonely and like something was missing. She also thought of women THRIVING. Women happy in their lives and in community and successful.
Then an image came to me: I saw a globe with women gathering in small groups all over the world, coming together in Sisterhood, CLAIMING their right to their OWN happiness first, and learning positive psychology tools.
I birthed the first Women's Happiness Day October 18, 2018, the anniversary of her miscarriage. Nearly 100 groups of women met in more than 20 countries on 6 continents. My team and I created this experience pro bono, enrolling local women to create and run events. It was spectacular! From Lagos, Nigeria, to Toronto, Canada, to Singapore and Jerusalem, Israel, women rose up together and claimed their JOY. Women's Happiness Day raises awareness around the women's depression epidemic, as women are twice as likely to be depressed as men, and according to the University of Pennsylvania research, women are less happy today than women were 30 years ago. There is a lot of pressure on women to do it, have it all, be it all, and it has left women feeling lonely, lost, stuck and unsupported. This year, we celebrate Women's Happiness Day together, online at HAPPINESS: The Masterclass. JOIN US!

Listen, if I can turn the pain of miscarriage into a movement.. I can help you do anything and everything in your heart, too.