Goddess Getaway Italy


Carin Rockind

Remember who you are... in the most luscious place on the planet

August 21 - 25, 2022

Goddess Getaway Italy


Carin Rockind

Remember who you are... in the most luscious place on the planet

August 21 - 25, 2022

I'm joining! Take me to Italy, Carin!

Take my hand, Sister.
Walk the Passionate Path of the Goddess with Me
Back Home to Yourself: Sensual, Powerful, Luscious and Exquisite

Goddess Getaway Italy:

Your Awakening

Your Homecoming

Your Magnificence

Goddess Getaway Italy:

Your Awakening

Your Homecoming

Your Magnificence

Have you ever wanted that full on, luxurious "Under The Tuscan Sun" experience? Where you break free, lose all inhibitions, and liberate your most glorious self? Goddess Getaway Italy is just that.

During this transformative, sacred experience, you will reclaim the magic of your true essence, you will ignite your inner Goddess, you will deeply know your worthiness, and you will expand to the highest version of yourself.

Sister, we will dance with our senses and each other, release and free all that binds us, liberate our souls, and fully embody HER.

This retreat is about the Goddess within, embodying all aspects of the divine feminine - the Sensual Goddess, the Muse, the Wild Woman, the Wise Woman, the Warrior, the Queen.

We will be opening, inviting, elevating, exploring, experimenting, allowing and receiving your glorious self, and therefore your greatest power. All in the magnificent setting of Tuscan vineyards, olive trees, sunshine and Sisterhood.... in the MOST luxurious idyllic villa imaginable.

You will be who you were born to be. All in pleasure. All in joy. All in beauty. All in sacred Sisterhood. Take my hand and join us Sister.

Inside of every woman is the truth of who she is: Your Essence.

Your exquisite and unique blend of heart and soul – your core nature that when opened and invited to play, dances with delight in every cell of your body.

Your Wholeness. Your true Beauty.

Goddesses knew this. Our souls know it too.

But our modern world shuts Her down, making us think that She is too soft, too woo-woo, too much, or not enough. So we cover Her up with toxic productivity and endless busy-ness, as maybe then - we’ll feel worthy.

Then we become hard, bitter, resentful; we feel lost and stuck.

But SHE knows she is worthy as is.

SHE is the path to your highest, deepest, most elevated and most joyful self. SHE is the Goddess of Love and Sensuality. The Muse. The Wise Wild Woman.

And She is ready to lead the way. Throughout four luxurious nights and 5 delicious days in Italy with me and like-hearted women, you will embody Her within so that you fly home free.

During Goddess Getaway Italy,

the Tuscan countryside will be our teacher.

We will begin our day with yoga and meditation overlooking the hills of vineyards and olive trees. We’ll share nourishing luscious meals to fuel our bodies. Each day, you will journey into your heart, soul, and body through the senses, unleashing your essence, allowing your soul to lead, and embracing your whole self. We'll dance, we'll howl at the moon, we'll go deep and heal lifetimes and generations of trauma, and we will RISE.

You’ll receive guidance, mentorship, and Sisterhood, plus fun surprises like a cooking class, Goddess photo shoot, and more, while also getting plenty of rest, relaxation, laughter, and play to feel rejuvenated and transformed when you leave.

Our Journey:

  • We’ll begin at 3 pm August 21 with an opening circle to connect and open up our deep desires before enjoying a lavish to-die-for home-cooked Italian meal by our private chef in our exclusive villa.
  • We'll deepen: Each day we'll engage in magical rituals and exercises steeped in ancient divine feminine wisdom to alchemize our truest essence into being.
  • We’ll use all of our senses to awaken our essence – from feeling the warm summer air on our skin, to tasting exquisite cuisine and wine, to hearing the soothing words and laughter of our Sisters, to seeing beauty everywhere, to enjoying the velvety pool after a day of Goddessing.
  • We’ll have FUN! We’ll invoke the FIRE of Kali and the passion of the Wise Wild Woman. We'll play, we’ll dance, we’ll make pasta, we'll unleash, we’ll laugh, and we'll release. We'll clear space in our bodies, minds, hearts and souls to receive wisdom, beauty, and truth for our paths forward. And of course s*x magic along the way...
  • We’ll indulge! Yes, indulge. Women have been told that indulgence is a bad word. If so, then we’re going to be baaaaad together. Because in allowing indulgence, we acknowledge our worth. And in honoring our worth, we consciously choose to change our destiny.
  • We'll Sister! You will be surrounded by the safest, most supportive, most loving circle of women. In this Sisterhood, we hold you in healing, and cheer you on to magnificence. We see you, we tell you how fabulous you are, and together, we raise our vibration and the world!
  • On August 25, we’ll conclude in a closing Priestess circle and depart at noon.

    This is an intimate and exclusive experience open to only 12 women, so this will sell quickly. If your heart, soul and P*ssy are calling “Yes Please!” then join now. Let me pamper and spoil you!

Where We'll Stay

This is not just another retreat in a standard dull "retreat" house. No, Sister, this is an experience of being HER. So we are staying in the most luscious, luxurious Tuscan Villa imaginable - and we will have it all to ourselves.

With a glamorous turquoise pool, lush grounds, and lots of nooks to journal, nap, relax, and indulge, the setting alone will elevate your soul.

Plus, we'll have our private chef prepare fresh meals for us to enjoy the tastes of the region.

*We rented our Villa on Air BnB, so in the case of owner cancellation, we will secure an equal or better property. Thank you for understanding.

Hi Goddess, I'm Carin.

My clients call me The Women's Whisperer, High Priestess. Goddess of all Goddesses, and of course, PurposeGirl. I'm a global leader in the science of women's happiness (with a Masters degree in Positive Psychology) and throughout the past 7 years, I've led more than 300 women in Goddess retreats around the world. From ascending the Eiffel Tower as we shout our dreams, to skinny dipping in the Greek Isles as we release our fears, and nearly a dozen retreats at the Versace Mansion in Miami, women come to me to COME ALIVE. To elevate. To awaken the depths of their joy, their radiance, their purpose, and to live it fully! In my care, women release what no longer serves, heal, RISE, and ultimately, do the damn things that their hearts desire! Women have left my retreats and started new ventures, found love, left abusive relationships, bought an RV and traveled, quit mundane jobs, and so much more because my work is holy and through it you become whole. (Formal stuff: I've keynoted on the biggest stages on the planet, like Amazon, I'm a published author, host of the top-ranked show The PurposeGirl Podcast, I was the "Happiness Guru" on SiriusXM, am an initiated Priestess of the 13 Moon Oracle, and I'm a wife and mom. =)

Our Goddess Muse, Stacey

Divine feminine Priestess, Goddess of Love, self-love and mental health coach, Stacey Hoffer is assisting our Goddess Getaway Italy. She's known as a cocoon of comfort, a fierce initiator of love, and a space holder as deep as the ocean. She coaches Fortune 500 employees, is an initiated Priestess of the 13 Moon Oracle, and has co-led and assisted many Priestess and Goddess retreats with and for me, Carin. We are the dream team of fire and still water for your soul, and are the best of friends, and we'll nurture you in our warm love for one another, women and all of humanity.

Investment + What's Included

Goddess Getaway Italy includes five days and four nights of life-altering alchemy, explosive fun and luxurious accommodations. All meals from dinner August 21 through brunch August 25 are included and prepared by our private chef. All activities, adventures, experiences, and coaching are included. Rooms are double occupancy based on the layout of the Villa, which we prefer for utmost privacy.

Retreat: $3333
Luxury Housing and Meals: $1667

*Payment in full, or in 2, 3, or 4 monthly payments, is available.
Transportation to/from Italy and the Villa are not included, though we will be happy to connect you with potential transportation options, if you desire. We will also connect you with other Goddesses to share transportation, if you desire.
*The villa is in Siena, in Tuscany, roughly a 1.5 hour drive from the Florence airport, a 2 hour drive from the Rome airport, and a 2.25 hour drive from the Pisa airport.

*If you desire to come the night before, and/or to stay in the Villa the night or two the retreat ends, you may do so for an additional $200/night. No meals included. Email josh@purposegirl.com after you register for this add-on.

If you have any questions or you want to schedule a chat with Carin to talk about if Goddess Getaways Italy is for you, email team@purposegirl.com

Goddess Testimonials

Going on the Goddess retreat with Carin is the best investment I have done. It was truly life changing for me. I learned techniques that I can use the rest of my life. And as a bonus I found friends and sisterhood that I had not ever dreamt of. I left the retreat so uplifted, relaxed and filled with hope, along with tools to help me continue on that path even back in the ordinary everyday life. Thank you Carin and thank you Goddesses  for an amazing time.

-Malene, Denmark

A dynamic parallel journey of self exploration and discovery of the kindred goddess spirit that connects us as women despite age, race, religion or circumstance. I used to humbly dismiss the term Goddess, but I walked away from the experience with a newfound appreciation for my inner power and strength, along with respect and celebration of that same beauty in other women, especially the women I had the privilege of sharing the weekend with whom I now call my friends. My friends and family balked I was going on a trip where I knew no one. I didn’t blink an eye and I’m so glad I did it for myself. 

-Amy, US

I hope you're renewed for the amazing work you do. I can’t tell you what a profound experience I had, and how grateful I am to you. You doing this work is an amazing gift to this world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

-Colleen, USA

I have been on all Goddess retreats. I’m so excited for the next! This is an indescribably powerful retreat that has led me to heartfelt and lasting friendships. It’s a “Do It Girl!” 

-Stephanie, US

It is amazing how far you can come in 4 days. Carin lead the retreat with great energy and wisdom, putting us all at ease from the start. As well as making friends and having lots of laughs, I came away more positive and confident in my strengths, with a deeper understanding of life changes I wanted to make. 

-Laura, UK

I plan to make the Goddess retreat an annual tradition! I had never traveled alone before the first one and honestly had no idea what to expect. I learned so much about myself in one weekend, made life long friendships, and had fun. Who knew 25+ women in one room could all get along and feel such a strong connection? 

-Elizabeth, US

Welcome to Italy, Goddess! I can't wait to spoil you!