Goddess Getaway Miami

with Carin Rockind

Awaken the Goddess within. Let your soul fly free... at the Versace Mansion

September 16-18, 2022

I Want My Soul to Soar!

Do you want to embody your inner Goddess?
To unleash and light up from the inside out?

Have you felt burnt out, but you long to feel like a Queen?

Goddess Getaway - Miami is for you.

Goddess Getaway Miami is your opportunity to awaken your inner light, ignite your true passion, and let your soul fly free.

Taking place at the luxurious, iconic, and exclusive Versace Mansion, you will feel beautiful from the moment you step foot into our retreat. We have a special relationship with the Mansion that grants us special access because we want you to feel like the Goddess you are.

Clients call me the Women's Whisperer, the Goddess of Goddesses, and the High Priestess, because as the world's Leading Expert on Women's Happiness I bring women to LIFE. 

I will lead you through powerful, transformative, deep soulful coaching to claim your heart's desires and set a path to creating the life you want. You will recharge your batteries, unleash your spirit, let go of old patterns that don't serve you, let loose in joy, swim like a mermaid in the ocean, enjoy beach yoga at sunrise, dance in the moonlight, recharge your energy, learn new tools, and own your power so that you become the EMPOWERED Rock Star of your life - as you were born to be.

And you'll do it in the safest, most supportive and non-judgmental Sisterhood on the planet.

Everything in life is possible. You just have to know how to receive it. And we will show you how!

I'm Ready to Unleash!


For two playful, sexy nights and three glorious days, September 16 – 18, 2022, in South Beach, you will:

  • Rejuvenate and relax through sunrise meditation on the beach.
  • Reconnect to the deep wise sensual divine feminine within.
  • Awaken your true soul desires with empowering exercises that transform your life.
  • Declare your true beauty and genius.
  • Learn how to wo-manifest anything you desire with powerful mindset and feminine energy.
  • Enjoy the luxuriousness of South Beach, the Versace Mansion and more.
  • Connect with like-hearted Sisters who see you and love you as is.
  • Play in the water, at the pool, and on the sand to let your inner child be free.
  • Dance with abandon in the moonlight as the sexy Goddess you are.
  • Walk away recharged, rejuvenated, and renewed!
I'm coming to Miami!


  • Champagne welcome reception Friday night
  • Yoga and Meditation class with Feminine Fire Method’s Allison Vernon Thompson (A $300 value)
  • A weekend of Empowerment Coaching with Carin (a $4000 value)
  • Proven and fun exercises to activate your visions and empower your truth
  • Powerful feminine transmissions of reflection and transformation
  • Relaxation in beautiful surroundings and with wonderful people
  • Three meals Saturday, and Sunday breakfast!
  • PLUS amazing, glittery, fabulous gifts and surprises!

*Travel (transportation to/from Miami) and lodging are not included. However, we’ve secured a block of rooms for the Goddesses who sign up early at an incredible rate!

Goddess Getaway Miami is worth well over $5000, but your investment for this transformative retreat is only $1777! (Payable upfront or spread across monthly payments.)

Sister, set yourself FREE, and join us for Goddess Getaway Miami!!

Here's what women have said about my Goddess Retreats in the past:

"A dynamic parallel journey of self exploration and discovery of the kindred goddess spirit that connects us as women despite age, race, religion or circumstance. I used to humbly dismiss the term Goddess, but I walked away from the experience with a newfound appreciation for my inner power and strength, along with respect and celebration of that same beauty in other women, especially the women I had the privilege of sharing the weekend with whom I now call my friends. My friends and family balked I was going on a trip where I knew no one. I didn’t blink an eye and I’m so glad I did it for myself." - AK

"I have been on all Goddess retreats. I'm so excited for the next! This is an indescribably powerful retreat that has led me to heartfelt and lasting friendships. It's a "Do It Girl!" - SB

"I plan to make the Goddess retreat an annual tradition! I had never traveled alone before the first one and honestly had no idea what to expect. I learned so much about myself in one weekend, made life long friendships, and had fun. Who knew 25+ women in one room could all get along and feel such a strong connection?" - EW

About Me, Your Coach, Your Mentor, Your Sister and Purpose Mama

Hi, I’m Carin. Almost losing my life made me finally pursue my purpose. I had been the “good girl” who got perfect grades, married a “perfect” man, had a rising career, and lived in a “perfect” suburban house all by the time I was 24. But I was miserable in my perfect life. Even though everything looked exactly as I had always wanted it to, I cried almost every day. I felt so stuck, so afraid. But I divorced my husband at 26 and began my journey to figure out: If perfect didn’t make me happy, what would? The word "Purpose" kept coming to me. Haunting me.
But I had no idea what my purpose was or where to find it. I started volunteering with high school girls and other divorced women and felt so ALIVE. I knew: Women’s empowerment is my purpose.
I had no idea how to turn that into a career. I was afraid to leave my lucrative job and felt unsure of myself. I began taking anti-depressants, begging my psychiatrist for more each month. Not following my purpose nearly killed me.
Until one day, a man robbed me at gunpoint. Laying on the ground, screaming and begging for my life, I realized I was going to die without ever pursuing my dream, so I made myself a promise: If I lived, I’d pursue my purpose no matter what. Just then, the man took my purse and ran. So I left my six figure "Vice President" job, moved across the country to become a poor grad student (I saved toast to save money!) and I got my Masters degree in Positive Psychology, the science of human flourishing, I became a coach and a motivational speaker for companies like Capital One, Progressive Insurance, BMW and Amazon. I created and got myself the gig as the "Happiness Guru" for SiriusXM's morning show. I host a leading women’s empowerment show, The PurposeGirl Podcast, that’s been ranked in the top 20 for self-help and mental health in 30+ countries worldwide, I'm a published author, a Burning Man diva, and in 2021, I created and hosted the world's largest event for International Women's Day called "The Women's Day Event."
I say "YES" to every desire in my soul. I NEVER give up. And I won't give up on you. I overcome every obstacle in my way. My philosophy is simple: #DoTheDamnThing. That said, I just became a Mom at 45 to my sweet baby boy, after years of fertility struggle and never giving up on my dream!
I've helped thousands of women rise up in their power, and with my coaching, hundreds of women have discovered their purpose, stepped into their Goddess glory, and created a more beautiful life.
I’m on a mission to ensure that every woman finally says YES to herself and her dreams because when we do, the ripple effect will change this world. Don’t wait until it’s too late. The time is now!

About Allison Vernon-Thompson, Your Sister, Support Coach, and Feminine Fitness Firecracker

Allison Vernon-Thompson is the creator of Feminine Fire Method a feminine fitness style that's a delicious combo of yoga, Pilates, strength training, and dance. Her virtual community is designed to follow the stages of a women's natural ebb and flow of energy cycles. She will be leading Feminine Fire Method at the Miami retreat! She encourages all members to "Do you" leaving behind the traditional bro-culture of "no pain, no gain." Previously, she and her husband Co-owned a personal training gym in NYC called Tribeca Health and Fitness that was a hub for independent personal trainers. Allison is a New York State Board Certified Health Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Ace certified Health Coach, accredited Pilates Mat instructor, and a graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has had the honor of appearing as a fitness instructor on CNN Live, Good Morning America, and at Whole Foods’ Immersion Retreats with Dr. Scott Stoll. Allison, as a WNBF Figure Pro, appeared on the cover of Natural Body Building and Fitness magazine. She can also been seen in the pages of other national magazines and websites including SELF, Fitness, NBC, and Best Body Magazine. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance from Columbia College, South Carolina with an emphasis in kinesiology. Allison taught as an adjunct professor at Columbia College. She focuses on proper biomechanics and injury prevention due to her experience with personal injuries and teaching dance.


What if I feel like I can’t afford it?

I hear you and that’s probably why you need to attend. I’m not in your bank account so no judgment, but how we think of money is often how we think of our worth. We'll spend on others, but not invest in ourselves. And, this is an INVESTMENT - not "spending." As an investment, this has great returns. Imagine how you'll own your worth and then approach your work afterwards. Many women come on my retreats and start businesses, get raises and promotions, and come up with new purpose ideas afterwards because they are so lit up! All of which earn more money! When you’re in your power and feeling confident, you create what you want. You don’t accept less than you deserve. So consider this retreat an investment that will give you return on that investment.

Every time I invest in coaching, I decide I’m going to make the money back quickly. So I invest, then get thinking creatively and it works every time – whether a $1,777 or an $18,000 purchase. I always make it back quickly because I’m excited and motivated. What would being in the Versace Mansion feeling like a Goddess DO for you? What is your Aliveness and Purpose worth to you? It’s priceless. Plus, to make it easier for you, I’ve created payment plans!

What if my partner will be mad if I go away without them?

It can feel hard to to say "Hey honey, watch the kids while I Goddess." BUT, that's exactly what we need. Because we're better partners and parents when we own our worth, have boundaries, fill up on self-love, and feel alive with Purpose. It’s also hard when our partners (or friends/parents/etc.) don’t get our needs, and don’t get us when we’re ready to up level our lives. That means change and change can feel hard for many. On some level, many people want to stay stuck. It’s easier to be unhappy. And many are scared to change. They’re also scared for you to change, so they may want to make you feel guilty for desiring to do something on your own, for yourself. Many people also don’t understand the importance of self-care, purpose, or investing in yourself. However, their limitations don’t have to hold you back. You can respond with love. You can honor their feelings and have empathy without letting them keep you small. We know you don’t want that to be the story of your life – that you held back and stayed small because of someone else. Rather, what if you finally change generations of patterns and take care of yourself and then show others that they can level up too? That we can expand each other? How happy will you be if you continue to let others’ fears and opinions keep you small? You don’t have to. You have permission to lovingly care for yourself now. So think about the conversation you need to have and ask yourself what would help that conversation. Or hop on a call with me (Carin) or my team to feel into how to have it and what you'll say to stand in your power and worth.

Is there a way to connect with others going to possibly share accommodations or transportation?

Yes, please reach out to us at team@purposegirl.com and we will do our best to connect you with other attendees.

Other Questions?

Please reach out to us at team@purposegirl.com to set up a call with our team to feel into if this is for you and how to make it happen!